Review by Martha Pinsach on erio iemma

A little over a year ago I met Erio Iemma and I was enchanted by her smile and by the extreme seriousness and confidence with which she talks about the Zinzino company. I was fascinated by being informed about the possibility of carrying out tests before and using the products, following Erio's indications, I began to use the health protocol. Within a few months I expanded my knowledge of other products. Today my friends and family use Erio's recommendations and are particularly pleased with how much Zinzino products benefit the body. Erio is following me directly, even if remotely (I live in Barcelona), so that I can undertake the activity of distributor in near future and be able to bring benefits among the people I will contact and improve the quality of my life. Erio is a true style mentor, a genuine person who doesn't get lost in imaginative promises but gives you passion and confidence. How not to be fascinated by it? I thank Zinzino for giving me the opportunity to meet this wonderful person who is always available, attentive and prodigal in trying to make me understand how much benefit can be obtained. 5 stars are too few.

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