Review by Mary L. Saliar on QSciences

Living near MLM alley here in Utah, I've had the opportunity to learn a lot about Q Sciences. The company relies on a cycle of hype, without delivering. There's always some big thing coming, and after the self-consumption fizzles out, they move onto the next thing. Energy Patches, Gummies, Skincare, Hemorrhoid Cream, Soap, Diffusers, Oils, Bath Salt, Honey Sticks, Toothpaste… seems like whatever discounted product that they can find.

They burn through corporate staff, and many in high level positions simply disappear without explanation. Having friends in the industry, I've heard of a ton of layoffs happening in their office.

I've been following the THC allegations of their supposed THC-Free products with much interest. I noticed that all of the hemp products have been pulled off the site. Looks like they are getting into a more Amway assortment with cleaning products and things. Nothing very quintessential or science about overpriced trail mix if you ask me. Perhaps they can still find their way in this industry of much bigger players?

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