Review by Maryanna Forman on Steeped Tea

Steeped tea is an amazing business opportunity in the United States. There is an upsurge in curiosity of loose leaf tea. As a Sipologist I get to teach people not only the health benefits of tea but how tea can be used in every day life. The company is amazingly positive and supportive of its consultants I am glad I made the choice to join. It has been a positive influence in my life in so many ways.
Do to the excellent leadership of Tonia Jashan, the Founder and my Regional VP Laura I have grown personally, gaining more confidence personally and professionally but also in the ins and outs of social media. I am learning to lead a group of woman and help change their lives personally and financially.
Lastly there is the products. With 5 amazing lines and stunning tea ware there is sure to be something for everyone. Looking to loose weight, replenish your body after a workout, up your adult beverage or substitute some delicious fruit or bubble tea for those sugary drinks, Steeped Tea has it all

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