Review by Megan Dillon on LuLaRoe

I have been a retailer since October 2015 and continue to be amazed at the direction, guidance, trainings and opportunities I have gained since joining this company. They listen to us, make necessary changes and add trainings that we request more information on. Mark and Deanne were so welcoming inviting myself along with over 100 other retailers to their home in CA when we all ranked up and received watches as a gift.

Our company continues to follow a culture of serving others and has taught me so much about giving back. Our fundraising opportunities is a testament to how true they are to their belief of serving others, starting in our own communities. LuLaRoe will match a percentage of our sales and cut a check to the organization to show their support. They have upgraded their technology over the recent years to make it even easier for us retailers to participate in fundraisers as frequently as we desire I am so thankful to be a part of a phenomenal community.

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