Review by Melalueca on Melaleuca

The products are excellent and effective. They provide a pathway for safer healthier people & homes. I particularly love the Soluguard product. It’s easy to mix, use & eliminates germs. Also Melamagic works wonderfully in eradicating grease along with it having a pleasant fresh scent. Daily I take Vitality multivitamin which assists me in being alert & keeps my system in balance. Next is Fiberwise which serves me in maintaining a healthy gut via removal of unwanted waste. GcControl allows me to skip meals in my quest to lose unnecessary weight. Inside and out the Melalueca products I use keep me healthy and wise during these trying pandemic times. My exterior is maintained with the Honey Rose skin care facial line. It smells light and leaves no residue following usage. The toning mist is fragrant and pleasing to my skin. Also the charcoal flowers mask is noticeably effective and my face says thank you w It’s each use.

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