Review by Melissa Santos on Bioreigns

Biodefence testimonials are all over FB how it worked for those that start to feel a cold coming on. Works quickly and efficiently. As we age, more and more health issues arise, then more medications (pills) are prescribed by physicians. Water soluble products work better than pills because pills will eventually damage your stomach and liver. I hate taking pills because I'm one of those that have to drink alot of water and still, it gets stuck in my throat or still sits in my mouth. Therefore, there is less hassle on my part to swallow. This will be alot helpful for children because most children do not like the taste of medicines so I had to reserve to suppositories. That too was a hassle having to hold your child down. BioDefense drops can be put in any beverage so you won't have to taste anything especially if one thinks it tastes like medicine.

A+ to BioReigns for creating such a product!!

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