Review by Michael Hundessor on Driven Trading

Merger MLM because this company failed months ago and was on it's last breath before moving with another scam IX Global. These people do not trade especially Cory Clownray, basically claims he has all of this top 1% records on these platforms but what he does not tell you is that none of these brokers keep some kind of track record or leaderboard of how well your returns are for a particular year. The clown is a made up phony that sold MLM juice and coffee and then tried Duplicate Dave scam MLM but failed and pretended at that as well. Basically his whole entire life was one big scam and everything he posts on Instagram is fake. Fake cars that only appear for a month or 2 and then they are gone….fake homes that are special deed warranty, fake boats, fake everything. Now they are offering micro nodes……which means basically nobody is willing to pay no fucking $3500 for something that will not ever get their money back as any type of transactions are DENIED!!! SCAM! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!! Phony loser find a real profession moron!!!

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