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I'd like to comment on a critical post here on Incruises. Normally I would not comment, but since it has been left on here for 4 months, I think "the rest of the story" should be told. Like all companies, there have been changes from time to time. Anytime you book a cruise with Incruises and you pay for some of the cruise with your credit card, you get the equal amount back in Reward Points to help you book again. Become Membership Free with only 5 members and your savings value increases. Become Marketing Director and your cruises are FREE. Last year in 2023 I took 3 cruises via Incruises for FREE – a 7 night cruise in the Caribbean, a 10 night cruise to Alaska, and a 15 night cruise to South America, then thru the Panama Canal. POST-Pandemic Incruises membership and partnership has DOUBLE, not declined. Board of Directors (the top rank) grew from 12 to now 21. Finally, Incruises is unique in the Travel niche – Incruises is NOT a discount travel program (like all the other Travel programs). Incruises has a low-price guarantee on all bookings. Google me, I'm happy to help new people succeed.

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