Review by Michael Potter on InCruises

The information about inCruises here has not been updated as of the time of this review. inCruises is growing fast around the world.

What I love about inCruises is that the product is a membership that gives people double their value. No product to ship. So for $100 USD you get 200 Cruise Dollars. These Cruise Dollars don't expire and you can use them to book any of the 5,000+ cruises around the world. So that is a great deal. To be a Partner it is only $195 for the entire year and then following years is only $95. Wow! The comp plan is very easy and NOT a binary. To be Membership free a Partner just needs to enroll and keep active 5 Members. And still get 200 Cruise Dollars per month. Site and marketing materials are in multiple languages. Already 8 people have reached the top leadership position.

Personally I've booked 3 cruises with them using my Cruise Dollars and saved thousands. Prices are on par with other sites. I'm a long time computer engineer and add value to those that join my group. Check it out at:

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