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The fastest growing company on earth. With our leadership I'll predict MPGxtreme (MARKET PLACE GLOBAL(will become an iconic MLM powerhouse. With 41 years in the automotive industry I stake my career on our lead product Mpgxtreme Caplets. The product has32 + years of testimonials from all over the world. Mpgxtreme as a start up has continues to add value to the list of product, with a crowd sourced products. The Weight loss coffee is being tested by our master distributor with over 50 lbs lost and used more everyday by hundreds of ISR and customers. Our Travel program will amaze anyone with travel plans, with a 30 day free trial to prove that it come trough as advertised. Countries are opening fast, with full compliance will be there for many years. Our CEO's are something very special and with many years of experience will no doubt make an iconic MLM machine.

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