Review by Michelle on Brie-Anne Dwyer

OMG Brie makes this so much fun!
I have had an absolute blast being a part of the team & culture that Brie has created for our team!!
She is always there to cheer us on & help us along the way towards our goals but even more important is the family like culture that we have.

You all know what I mean when I say that watered down run of the mill “we’ve got your back” statement we’ve all heard when deciding to partner somewhere & do business, well its not like that with Brie!

We have fun!! We uplift each other, do business together, but we also cheer each other on in life as well.

I love how everyone is spotlighted no matter what their goals or “ranks” are.

If you’re looking for that place to feel like you’re a part of something so much more with a group of people who have integrity & morals but also know how to have a darn good time too, then you need to chat with Brie.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the Wicked Zippin Gang & cheer you on!!


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