Review by Michelle Phelps on Paparazzi Accessories

Miss Marilyn is such an inspiration to so many. She pushes us to go out of our comfort zone and do things that we think we cant do because she KNOWS we CAN do them! She believes in all of us when we sometimes forget to believe in ourselves. She truly is an AMAZING woman who gives so much of her time to help others in need. She also donates money to project trips in other countries. She has been through alot in life yet she doesnt play the "victim". Instead, she uses her story to show others that no matter what happens in life, theres still HOPE. Her son is on the Autism spectrum and absolutely ADORES his MOM because She's so AMAZING and so filled with love. Not only for him, but for EVERYONE she meets.
Michelle Phelps
Paparazzi Consultant

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