Review by Mikey Wong on NetLeaders

DasCoin has been build on a solid foundation of integrity. While it is still a young company, I see the potential for Michael Matthias and his group to revolutionize the crypto-currency industry. Netleaders has partnered with Carta Worldwide. Carta Worldwide is the company behind ApplePay. Carta Worldwide is developing DasPay. Alliance pay has launched. My friend in Australia had already purchased batteries with it online. When the DasPay system is fully implemented, DasCoin will be one of the top utility coin on the market. The potential is high with this company. With high reward, of course, the risk is also high as well as the system still require maturity and acceptance across the globe. With powerful people on its board, DasCoin may become one of the top 20 crypto-currencies on the market.

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