Review by Mohammad A Gul Hewadpal on Bilal Zia

Bilal Zia is not only an Afghan leader, but Bilal has opened the minds of many people, especially many Afghans.
Bilal is the person who showed our people online companies and online benefits
We didn't even hear his name
Bilal is a genius at this age. For me, he has done more than his responsibility for himself, his family and Afghans.
I have considered Bilal as a symbol of progress among Afghans

The development of Bilal and his friends and his team is due to the fact that Bilal did not leave anyone's hand in this business, he always tried to find his own development through the development of the team.
He never thought that who is lower and who is higher than him in this profession
Rather, he looked at his team members from the point of view of their development and involvement, not from the point of view of money and profit.

Bilal for me and many Afghans
Progress is a logo

Thank you very much Bilal Jan

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