Review by Mohammed Imtiaz Shah on Sadiq Wazeer

In fact, no amount of words can really describe leader Sadiq. He is a selfless dedicated leader who is always available for his team members. He even follows is to assist us with our team building.

He is too down to earth, places his team members at the top of whatever he does.
Saddiq is committed to what he has set out to do . His vision is big and about empowering and helping people from all over to world to change their lives .
He is a man of integrity and transparency and it has been such a pleasure getting to know him over the last six months .
He practices what he preaches . He is persistent, hardworking and a determined human being who has set his goals and vision high and is determined to achieve them.
Looking forward to this journey with you saddiq and I wish you all the best in what you have set out to do with this amazing opportunity called Validus that is helping to change peoples lives all over the world .


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