Review by Mohammed Zulfekhar Ali on InCruises

I did a research project to find the best Network Marketing company.
I had four categories: Product, Duplication, Compensation, and Bonuses.
Then broke it down into 16 subcategories.

Product… New and unique, Great value, People want to buy it without being sold.

Duplication… Low hanging fruit, Easy to show others, High retention rate, Very few limitations on who can become customers or reps.

Compensation…. Initial sale commission, Matching bonus, Residual income, Leadership bonuses, Retirement replacement

Bonuses… Spouse or business partner sweet spot, Clear path to millionaire

Super bonuses… Catch and riding the wave, Ability to sell business for large profit.

On a 250 point scale inCruises was the clear leader at 238 points
Second place was 214 points and the average of the top ten was 204 points.

Some bright spots were: Product value being rated number one. Over 200,000 members in 178 countries in less than four years, 8 reps earning a residual of over $100,000 per month (over $1,000,000 yearly), Company Revenue increasing 300% or higher in each year since the start, Company revenue approaching $20 million monthly.

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