Review by MR ANTHONY AVENELL on Shane Boese

I would like to state here that i have know Mr.Shane Boese for a period of over 5 years. In that time i have attended many of his Webinars and have interacted with him personally on many occasions in a professional capacity. Some of the projects that myself and others did not come to fruition, however it was no fault of any of us or Shane. We all went with what we felt was the best decision at that time and with the knowledge we had. Some of these projects have not delivered the expectations that were expected. As you all know, many ventures failed within the past few years for a variety of reasons. Shane has copped some flak from various sectors of our community for this reason but i would like to reiterate that in all the dealing that myself and those others that were on the webinars and involved in all that we tried to achieve, i can say Shane has been consistent, honest and very helpful through the entire period.

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