Review by Mutinta Chilamuna on Alliance In Motion

I very proud to be member of this massive great opportunity am now two weeks old in Alliance in motion Global, have seen people s testmonies globally about C24/7, and i pray also i will help someone out there. At first i was doubting this company it took me one month to make a decision to join Alliance in motion Global and at that point i never had any money to book an account. One day i told my friend about it abd the answer was; what are you waiting for Mutinta if you have money now better you start, because one of my friend is in the business and doing super well. The following day i told my upliner and his the best mentor coach i have never had, he encouraged me to look for money and start, that when i made a powerful decisions that ll help me, my family and people around me, it now two weeks and i see myself a champion each and everyday. Am blessed to be a member

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