Review by Nancy Hoffman on Awakend

Excellent company especially with their new launch now. Their leaders are the best. Can't wait to get my product…this is huge for all people. I know a number of their leaders from another company that I am involved in. So I have complete trust in this new product. It is going to make so many people's lives so much better, with less insulin resistance which plagues so many of us. We are a nation of sugar addicts and this changes that….with leptin changes…can't wait. People will finally be able to do what they have tried in vain to do, loose weight and get their hormones balanced. Not graze every night with empty calories. Our nation is one of very overweight people, being a RN for 46 years I know what happens to people's health when they don't do what is necessary to be healthy. They eat processed foods, too many oils, all of which break down the immune system. People need to start eating clean food, clean water, clean sleep, They need to go out into the sun and raise their Vitamin D levels for a stronger immune system.

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