Review by Nancy Lucas on LifeVantage

I signed up as an independent distributor with LifeVantage as a complete newbie to the world of network marketing. My background is in start-ups and expansions in biotech, high tech , medical research and higher education (venture capital, NIH and other government funding).

Over the years 65 network marketing companies had approached me for endorsement, none interested me.

LifeVantage grabbed my attention and the medical community because of their flagship product Protandim Nrf2. A game changer, a paragigm shift in health and wellness inside the human body–actually measurably reducing cellular aging processes & resetting malfunctioning genes on the human DNA to proper functioning. Literally improving health and wellness at the very building blocks of human life. Wow! Top scientists are calling Protandim Nrf2 the most important medical breakthrough for the 21st century–24 published, (peer reviewed, doubleblind, placebo controlled) independent clinical studies to date and many more underway. LifeVantage’s skincare line,

TrueScience has been clinically proven and selected for presentation at the prestigious medical conference-World Congress of Cosmetology Chemists, to be the very best at building human collagen.

Add to that a highly rewarding compensation plan with published distributor results. Rewarding with huge growth potential. All inquiries answered

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