Review by Natalie Pfahler on Natalie Pfahler

I have been with ASCIRA since December 2019 so from the beginning and I love what I do.
When John told me about the idea in December 2019 , I followed my gut feeling and said: I'm in.

A BIG THANK YOU to MY TEAM – each and every one of them helped me to achieve the position Prime Ambassador in the worst time in the world, which I honestly had focused on, but due to the "circumstances" sometimes doubts came that I could do it.

ASCIRA, in my opinion, is a gift, an opportunity that is unique.

The marketing plan is very special and I have never seen a similar or a better plan in 22 years of network marketing.

We have 9 different income types and the 10 income types are the Satoshi's.

What company gives you Satoshi's?

In ASCIRA I have found my home and it is my last company, because I/we have already made history and this is FIRST the beginning.
Welcome to a new world of Network Marketing.

Love to you all – Natalie

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