Review by Natasha khan on iGenius

Beside working a 9-5  job ,being PT student and holding a PT job (which i lost due to covid),I also had a small business which started mid last year. With a business partner and a invester. However, months in it was not working out. I then got to know about iGenius. It's only been a month with them and i've learn so much.   IGenius  has given me the chance to learn about trading and Investing in a way that I never thought was possible for someone who knew nothing about this. I'm  blessed enough to be able to learn and make money with everything they have. Not only that, The community that we have is amazing. The amount of support and love is everything. My experience as member as well as business builder; it was a lot of ups and down situations but I know for the fact that all trials are temporary and I will accomplish my goals regardless of the situation may be. I can't wait what the future has for me and as well for the others! I also can't definitely wait how my life and other's is going change.

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