Review by Ndiaye Mbagnick on Zeniq Coins

At first Zeniq is technological company which is not doing mlm.
Zeniq is disruptive Blockchain company usine news technologies like minting coin allowing his partners to entry the Mind bowling market of the Tokenisation estimated by the world économie forum to 24 Trillions dollars in 2024 and BLACKROCK CEO Larry Fink said that Tokenisation will lead the financial market for the next decade with a value of 867 Trillions dollars.
Zeniq technologie with partnership Ramziq has already capted the attention of big companies like Avinoc(Voo) : Aviation
Tupan : amazonia reforestation
Tupan Air Cargo Drones Technology
SIDO : Real State
Regardeless : movie
And others coming companies projects which will tokenized by Zeniq/ Ramziq

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