Review by Necole Livingston on Melaleuca

The business model is unlike anything else out there. Melaleuca has products that helped my family improve our health instantly! We fell in love with the results because we have chronic conditions that either have gone away, in remission, or we just simply are not being treated for anymore – and THAT is something we were unable to get from anywhere!! Peak Performance is life for me in a pack because I am immune compromised X4 and a single mom who NEEDS and WANTS. to be healthy for my children. PP let's me hike, and be actively involved in my own LIFE and gives me the energy I didn't even have when I was 25!! Melaleuca has provided a way for me to create not only memories every single day I've not been able to because of the pained life I used to live, but they make it easier for me to create a solid financial legacy for my children. That inheritance is growing every day and I am beyond grateful for this opportunity! We are lifetime shoppers and are building a business to last a lifetime! THANK YOU SO MUCH MELALEUCA!!! THANK YOU BEYOND WORDS FRANK!!!!!

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