Review by Nicole Renee Gregory on Total Life Changes

TLC HAS CHANGED MY LIFE PHYSICALLY AND FINANCIALLY. I SHARE THESE AMAZING PRODUCTS WITH EVERYONE I COME ON CONTACT WITH. I'M DOWN 30LBS AND I HIT DIRECTOR ON THE COMPANY 12/4/2020 JACK FALLON I LOVE YOU. Stormy Wellington thank you for your yes to tlc and helping us single mothers and grandmother's a vision. DON'T JUDGE ME NOW JUDGE ME LATER BECAUSE MY LATER WILL BE GREATER God is challenging you to see that you're not what happened, you're not what you don't have, you're not who you lost you are a miracle in the making. God is taking you backwards to remind you that you have never lost a fight with God, you have been down but you've never been out, you've had to walk alone but you've never been alone. You're going to experience supernatural increase, favor and shift when you begin to walk by faith and not by sight. Your joy, strength and power is in your potential no devil in hell can take your potential away.
#YouAreNotYourPast #NextChapterOfGreatness #StayFocused #TrustGod

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