Review by Nikita Graves on Total Life Changes

I love love love My TLC Products! These are actually products you can feel! I have a low iron deficiency and 2 1/2yrs ago I started receiving iron and steroid injections, which caused me to gain weight rapidly. However, I started exercising at least 30 minutes a day and taking my Nutraburst, NRG, PHYTE, and Lemon Iaso CBD Tea and it has changed my life forever. With these amazing products I’ve been able to lose 30lbs. Wow! That’s why I get excited when I take my products especially my NRG. Because I know it will provide the energy, focus and clarity I need to last throughout my day. And the cherry on top is knowing there will be no crash! How exciting is that? There’s nothing I don’t love about these products.

The compensation plan is like no other! Our comp plan allows you to make multiple stream of income all in one plan. Total Life Changes has afforded me the opportunity to work from home, build healthy lives, build healthy and wealthy relationships. TLC is definitely the place to be!

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