Review by Nikki_networkss on Kimberle London

2021 We became accountability partners as well as sisters, her work ethic was second to none. Kim started mastering 'COLORS' almost straight away and became recognized by the founder himself Mr Doc Spills as she mastered and pushed his product – as well as also being an advocate and able to teach it to many. For anyone who wants to join IM Academy I would definitely recommend @kimlondon as your leader as she is not in the business to build but to simply help her team (and others) make money EVERYDAY.. she is team dont sleep… This girl has spent weeks at my house and I can assure u at 1am, 3am, 4am, 7am… she is in the market… on instagram live and also calling and checking in with her team. Kim I'm super proud of you.. you definitely DONT LEAVE NO MONEY ON THE TABLE – and girl… you are the NEW GOLD QUEEN ? as I see you have your whole team earing GOLD BARS EVERYDAY ?

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