Review by Norina on Caujuan Mayo

Caujuan knows what it takes to make it because he lived it. Everyone starts as a newbie and lives through the trials and errors of marketing. What makes him a great leader is, he shares what works with his team,
to shortin the learning curve for new comers. He knows the tools and systems can be an expensive endeavor in the begining and he has no problem sharing with his team. When he finds gems that make his marketing easier, he learns it and than shares it to his team every Monday. Caujaun knows that a star wants to see them selves rise to the top. Caujuan wants to see his team rise to the top with him. That is what makes him a leader. He always answers his phone and is very approachable. If you ever have the chance to join any one of his teams directly or indirectly, just do it! He gives you the tools and the teachings to succeed, its up to you to employ them. Let Cuajuan help you be a rising star!

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