December 13th. 2023
It’s all about Quality of Life!!

When we have something that helps us as this DNA Drop has me and many others, we have to share!! So even though i was not going to do this as a business, I had to so i jumped in with both feet!!

I have never been with a company that is so easy to share with people!! I have never worked with Teams that were so supportive and offered so much help!!
I have never worked with a Company that pays such an amazing compensation plan!! I have never worked with a company that offers PROMOS and WAYS TO SHARE without breaking my bank account!!

In September, 2023, I earned the Recognition Level of CORPORATE DIRECTOR!! In October 2023, my Story won The SPIRIT OF APLGO GROW STORY AWARD!!

From June 2023 through December 1 2023 i have earned over $23000, a very nice side gig!

My trip this year was paid for by APLGO money in full!!!
Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I could do this!! I love the People of APLGO FAMILY, they all love me!!

I would love to work with you!!

Norita Sorenson
Corporate Director

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