Review by Not Steve Wozniak or Chuck Norris on Hyperfund (Pyramid Scheme)

This is a Ponzi scheme for sure. There's regular training to push you to recruit other people, and constant big-vision speeches and presentations, but nothing substantive.

No, neither Steve Wozniak nor Chuck Norris actually endorsed this. ANYONE can hire these guys and many other celebrities through to say almost anything. If you actually watch those horrible videos, you can tell neither Wozniak nor Norris actually know what they're talking about; they're simply reading a script.

It used to be that you could somewhat easily withdraw your rewards in HDAO and then swap elsewhere back to USDT or something else trustworthy. But now, it's MOF or HVT. Supposedly, MOF can be withdrawn to a Tron (TRC20) wallet and swapped, and HVT can be swapped on BEP20 networks. But there's a catch, of course. It used to be that you could exchange your HU for 95% MOF and 5% HVT, or 100% HVT. Now, it's 90% MOF and 10% HVT. And to withdraw the HVT requires activating an expensive and unnecessary HVT smart contract for nearly $300, and then the HVT you withdraw is withdrawn only 0.5% per day. This is COMPLETELY unnecessary.

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