Review by Okezie Oluikpe on iGenius

iGenius is one of the most amazing opportunities I've come across this year. introduced by a friend, and it's been awesome. iGenius is a financial education platform that transforms your life by teaching you about the financial market as well as how to make wise financial decisions. Poor financial decision is the reason many are in financial crisis today. The interesting part is that you earn while you learn.

I love Crypto Elite because it's a "set it up and forget it" platform where robots do the trading by artificial intelligence for me handsfree so I can take care of other important things. I also love the fact that iGenius has gifted me access to institutional strategies which before now were incessible to the average Joe. I love the team spirit, mentoring support and culture of iGenius creating leaders.

I love Ndau. It’s an adaptive Crypto currency optimized for long-term store of value with staking income. Essentially created to addresses the up and down movement of crypto prices.

It would be insane not to tell everyone I know about this opportunity. I started as a customer but have decided to help others know this opportunity.

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