Review by Paul Shala Celljetics Brand Partner on Celljetics

We are excited to officially announce this week the launch of Celljetics, a Nebraska nutritional wellness company. Also going full force on January 2, 2022 are two new products in the Celljetics line.
Brand Partner Paul Shala is thrilled to be a part of this company and is bringing over 30 years of experience in the health and wellness industry to the table. He was honored to be one of the five co-hosts at the Celljetics Launch Event and was awarded the ‘Pitbull Award’ for his contributions and commitment.

Paul is grateful to his wonderful team partners and associates for helping him achieve this award and is even more thrilled to begin changing lives as he embarks on this journey with Celljetics.
Paul understands that timing is everything and anyone who takes advantage of this timing with this incredible company will be greatly rewarded for years to come. Come join this journey today!

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