Review by Paul van Winden on OneCoin – OneLife

Dear reader,
I am glad to have encountered OneCoin.

Basically, I’m not a technical guy.
As a salesperson I have worked in IT and Telecom for the last 6 years and I have picked up an interest in technology. Because technology is changing people’s lives at ever increasing speed. Self-driving cars, the internet of things, 3-D printing and Blockchain.

Cryptocurrencies are hot. They are numerous. And they could be an investor’s dream or bubble…
They are also anonymous by nature and you need to be somewhat technical to really get involved.

Now OneCoin has changed that perspective.

KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures drop anonimity. Therefore enabling OneCoin to be integrated in the current financial system more easily.
OneAcademy provides financial knowledge to prepare everyone for their own and increasing financial responsability.
Through network marketing OneCoin has reached an enormous user-base in record time (which creates and stabilizes value over time).
It is so easy to use.. just log into your account from any device at
There is a real company you can turn to. With great support staff to help the OneLife members and community with different questions and wishes.
And above all… a platform was created where every member can buy products and services with their OneCoins:

OneCoin is going public in Q2 of 2018.
With several millions of users & many thousands of Merchants on Dealshaker that IPO might be record-breaking.
And from that moment on OneCoins will be open for public trading as well.

I have read many of the more negative news items. Some I can dismiss quite easily, some are well thought out… and show that this world of upcoming companies, ICO’s, crowfundings is risky.
OneCoin and OneLife are also young companies (2014 & 2016…) and their road to success is bumpy.

I have decided to join, learn, involve others in this emerging opportunity anyway.
Because it’s exciting, innovative, entrepreneurial, part of a financial revolution..
And it may just empower people to regain financial control on a worldwide scale.

Just imagine… it will become the huge success it’s set out to become… and I (or you) would not have joined…
I’d rather be grateful for the lesson, than sorry I have missed out on becoming financially free.

For all these reasons I’m giving OneCoin / OneLife 5 stars.

Kind regards, Paul

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