Review by Paulette Forbes on Tannisha Glaspie

I am extremely proud to be able to write a review for leadership on behalf of Tannisha Glaspie, Miss Glaspie has great leadership abilities and provides the tools necessary to assist with the development to all her business partners. She is patient , and always available to answer any question and will follow through until any issues are resolved.
She's provides new and accurate information immediately and wants to see everyone succeed in this business .
Miss Glaspie Interpersonal skills and wonderful work ethics encourage everyone to do business with her. Her ultimate goal is to see everyone succeed and always acknowledge their accomplishments in a welcoming and encouraging way. She volunteers eagerly to conduct zoom meetings for the team or one on one calls for those in need of it, she reaches out to other leaders to assist with any challenges and immediately informed the team on any new findings. It is such a great pleasure to work with Miss Tannisha Glaspie.

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