Review by Penelope Valentin on iGenius

I currently am in the process of learning. I’ve started a few days ago and iGenius truly is a supportive family that unites us together and helps build us as a community and business. They want to see you grow. As much as you put in is what you get in return. Any questions you have they will walk you through. My first roadblock was access to different interfaces. I felt like I was going to be behind or not even part of these investments because I was having troubles accessing these application, but they didn’t just let go of me because I was having difficulties with access or being able to do the same as they do. They actually walked through with me and helped. They could have let go, but didn’t. On another note the money for the ELITE membership is worth it. Think of $1500 as way less than tuition money. If you have that goal and believe you can achieve it then it’s worth the money. iGenius is definitely the route you want to go with.

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