Review by People ARE getting paid and spending it in far less that 600 days. on Hyperfund (Pyramid Scheme)

Once again people lie about companies that promise big. I personally have met a gentleman who is taking out money every day and a retired school teacher that is now also getting paid daily and no longer has to substitute teach in order to make ends meet or to be able to enjoy her retirement.

"NOT FOR USA CITIZENS" did you ever get your money out? I know people that have.
Steve Wozniac endorses this company. yes the Steve that was one of the founders of Apple Computer. does it make sense that he would put his name out there with out doing any research? And Chuck Norris has endorsed the company.

Mike Buckingham. Even IF the money was locked up for 600 days. I know a lot of other places where your money is locked up for a lot longer, if you want to get the full benefit…and none of them triple your money.

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