Review by Perjohn Ramos Gomez on Maria Jeanette Sajonas

Maria Jeanette Sajonas
M – Mother to many…
A – Always caring &/ loving
R – Real HERO –
I – Intelligent & Indefatigable
A – Artistic & Artista in TV
J – Jolly & Joyful
E – Easy to be with
A – Antoni ey?
N – Never Negative
E – Emphatic
T – Talented
T – Talented pa more
E – Enjoy ako to review this HERO
Maria Jeanette Sajonas

Anyway I thought I had 100 words already because I was trying to even hold back the kindest words I can enumerate to this HERO….

But then again, thank you for this opportunity to extend my gratitude & appreciation to Ate Jet. I call her Ate Jet because that is her nickname…
– J – Jesus Christ our Lord God & Savior has
– E – Entrusted us a wonderful gift of instrument or steward of
– T – Talent & Treasure of Kindness, Love in the life of our sister in faith Ate Jet…

Ate Jet again, thank you…
These 2 words should be multiplied by x 1Trillion times just to express my gratitude to you…

Again, thank you….

Sincerely & respectfully,

Perjohn Ramos Gomez

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