Review by Peter Wolfing on QuiAri

I come from the perspective of the field as well as corporate so when I evaluate it is always asking two main questions.
1. Is the infrastructure solid? This includes the track record [if any], funding, support, profit margins for growth and corporate staff, most importantly the founder, usually the owner.

QuiAri comes up with top grades in all categories.

2. The distributor structure. This includes duplicabke systems to promote for the beginner to guru, earnings payouts for the 3 L's (Lifestyle, Legacy and Leverage) income streams and product. Would people buy the product regardless of the opportunity?

Again, QuiAri was stellar in all areas.

Add to this a global reach, culture and instant pay and I was compelled to use the product (down 30 pounds to date) and endorse it as a promoter.

Wow. QuiAri is the first physical product I have endorsed in 25 years.

Peter Wolfing

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