Review by Phil Ballard on GOVVI

I've spent 30 years in this amazing industry .. 20 of them with one company, "Fastest To A Billion Dollars!" So I Truly Feel Blessed To Be A Part Of Govvi!" It is Our Last Rodeo .. "We Saved THE BEST For Last!" .. GOVVI'S owners have built to the top in more than just one company and "IT SURE SHOWS!" They genuinely show CARE for their promoters ~ They have top-quality leaders throughout the company more than willing to help everyone! GOVVI, Is A Global, E-Commerce Company Marketing Quality Products needed and used daily! They have "A Comp Plan" That Is "THE VERY BEST" I've ever been a part of in all these years! .. "The people we have here is are Excited and Happy working together as a FAMILY with GOVVI's Owners to build this global giant Making It "FUN" and "SO WONDERFULY DIFFERENT!" …

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