Review by Phill Doblosky on iBuumerang

With iBuumerang’s “Get in where you fit in” philosophy, whether that be a Free Customer to a First Class Travel Savings Ambassador, you’ll find exceptional value at every turn. I’ve been in the networking industry for over 30 years and I have never… NEVER seen a company offer as much to their affiliate base as iBuumerang does. Within just 6 months from launch our leadership team resembles a Hall-of-Fame caliber of industry giants the likes of Holton Buggs, David Manning, Peter Hirsch, Edwin Haynes, Johnny Wimbrey, Emmanuel Bernstein, David Imonitie (and the list goes on and on) delivering 2nd to none, World Class Training, often held at 5-Star All-Inclusive Resorts. Next, our incredible product lines is worth its weight in gold, from our wholesale travel booking engine, access to unsold timeshare weeks, luxury homes, cruise packages, the Marketplace or VibeRides to whatever we launch next you can see immediately that the company has a “Best In Class” focus… and the travel deals are sweet! I went from traveling once or twice a year to 7 to 10 times a year. And you can’t forget the iBuumerang Foundation where we care for undernourished children. To sum it up… BEST COMPANY EVER!

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