Review by Phumzile on MyDailyChoice

Jenna is thee most deserving CEO. I've learnt a lot from her in one month in business than 20 years in other businesses I've partnered with.
Jenna's teaching method solidifies your business in a sense that she puts theory into practice.
I love the fact that she too struggled locking customers and her team, just like many of us. She even mentioned challenges & giving up and hopping from one Network marketing to another. I draw strength knowing that I'm not alone. I too faced challenges from previous companies. I changed companies looking for greener pastures. Jenna makes sure she lays down her history so you navigate better. I like it on her webinares of 1 of 12 empowerment in June 2022. She said, I made sure the same fate doesn't happen to any of her Affiliates. A team can be good, but having a bad coach ruins the whole team. That's exactly how we've all suffered from previous companies. Thank God Jenna & Josh created My Daily Choice to teach, equip & create leaders like University only better.
Jenna is an inspiration to ALL WOMEN ON EARTH. PERIOD

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