Review by Precious Okwu on PGI Global

PGI is the best thing that has happened to me in corona times.
I only activated a package and it has been joyous.
I'm so grateful to Mr Swimm who introduced me to the business.
My best year ever.
Very consistent, communicative and reliable.
Partner with an agreement that recieves an average of 1% of your package daily for a period of 200days.
You can withdraw as you earn every Monday.
You will receive an alert of your withdraw in blockchain with 72hours.
Highly secured. I'm yet to see a business this security oriented.
Now these earn is your trading bonus which is not independent of referral.
PGI rewards referrals and this is called direct referral bonus, it also give bonuses like binary and boost up.
The good thing is that your trading bonus is not dependant on referrals, which means whether or not you refer anyone, your agreement with PGI is that you receive and interest of 0.5%- 3% of your package on daily basis.
Invest and witness financial freedom.
Let your money work for you.

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