Review by Pushpak Kotkar on iX Global

Hii…. My name is Pushpak Kotkar. I am from Mumbai, Maharashtra India. I had seen this opportunity in Lockdown last year…. i.e. July 2020. At that time I was not sure the decision I took was right or not…. But today after 6 months I can say that this was the best decision i have ever taken… coz the time i have seen this opportunity it was very crucial time for all of us.. It was the pendemic situation worldwide almost all of the countries were having Lockdown… Many people were loosing jobs and many people were suffering from losses in their business… i am one of that Businessmen. But IX GLOBAL have given me the hope… Here we not only get the education how can we earn from different sources but also the excellent mentorship and guidance how we can utilize our money to built assets and how we can earn from our assets as well like passive income…

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