Review by Qasim Thakur on QNet

Qnet give me best opportunity. When i was start i was scared but after some I relished this is the best platform in the world bcose many of the people start but they don’t want continue bcose they don’t want to become financially free.
So i feel gratitude bcose i m in qnet. Qnet change my life and my family life. It operates legally in some countries, but has been charged with Ponzi scheme and multi level marketing in countries such as India.[3][4][5] The government of India and the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India banned the site in India after a protest spread in Bangalore.[6][7][8]

Qnet's operations tend to be franchised out to local companies, thus allowing the head office to earn while relieving it of liability and responsibility from local and national cases of fraud.[9]

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