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great company to join. you need to be serious about the business and embark on a journey of personal development to reach the best version of yourself. you'll educate yourself on the principles of sales and marketing. you must learn to be a leader and to create leaders like you. Joining this business is choosing to make things happen for you rather than let things happen to you. you must become a go getter, disciplined, organised, committed and persistent,. it is a marathon not a short sprint. like all businesses, it is a business, that needs to be built from the ground up, brick by brick until the building is complete, not only you've build a great business, team and community worldwide,. and the best part is the company would provide you with all the tools and support to achieve success and greatness. and always remember, it is always about you. you are lucky if you've already joined, and don't despair if you've joined through a rogue trader, seek and connect with higher uplines, they would guide you and show you the way to success. It’s a great journey of self discovery and elevation. Good luck

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