Review by Rachel Nyirenda on Nuru Radjabu

Mr. Nuru is an open and broad minded leader, mentor, teacher.
He has a solid broad vision and focus that surpasses all limits, nothing can shake that, he is all out to achieve the best and whilst he is doing that he does not forget those that he mentors, he is so selfless, he shares his skills and knowledge without holding back. Business is in his heart. He helped me to see my way clearly in the business because he "owns" the business technique and process and he guides with ease.
He set an example by displaying strong leadership skills when he stepped in. He leads by example. He helped me and many others in my team feel confident in our services, and set the tone for endurance, vision, focus, team work and excellence.
He has created an imprint that will be used by many.

Great job!

Thank you Sir

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