Review by Rae Goldstein on NAVAN Global

I have been blessed in several ways by this opportunity. The mission is to disrupt network marketing and create change for good. I have ranked and received financial reward equivalent to my work ethic and abilities unlike in the last three companies I was in. The CEO listens to the field and PEOPLE are seen as the ASSET. Products are not hyped, they stand alone on their merits and are proving themselves.

This is a vehicle for those looking to finally create what NM was always meant to be. People are joining NAVAN because they LOVE Network Marketing . They have felt frustrated in the past and are looking for a positive experience. People don’t leave unless something in their heirachy, ingredients in their products or a flawed company system means they can no longer win! At NAVAN you can finally WIN. I’m so grateful I didn’t walk away, like I was ready to do. I gave this one last shot and I was skeptical that it would be any different. I am home. God is here!

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