Review by Rai Dutta on iBuumerang

Proud to be working with the one and only Mr & Mrs Buggs. Their mentorship, leadership, and vision is what I have been looking for, and undoubtedly the G.O.A.T!. I am also grateful that we have a the elite, highest level mentors within our iBuumerang organisation that have been created by Mr Buggs, whom have been pivotal in my success.

As a graduate in Veterinary Medicine and other fields, the education in this business is not taught in the education system, this is education from the Mr Buggs, world's ultra elite.

The business model is unique. Help others to save, earn, and develop high value skills. I can proudly say that this business is for everyone that wants to enhance their self development and wealth to any level.

Mr Buggs says, 'think much bigger, much faster', and we should!
It's their for the taking and we welcome you to our family if you are ready to take the first step!

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