Review by Rakan Khalifa on iGenius

Been here for 6 years. The culture is second to none. Products have such a line up for the average person. And the comp plan pays the people that work!
Many things to say about this company. The improvement I’ve never is something I’ve never seen !
The corporate team and leadership as well. No nonsense like ive see in so many companies !

iGenius Global is a gamechanger in the world of financial education and network marketing. With their comprehensive training programs, they empower individuals to learn how to make money from the financial markets and network marketing business model. iGenius Global provides valuable knowledge and tools to help people achieve financial freedom and independence. They believe in the power of education to transform lives and provide opportunities for personal growth and success. With a global community of like-minded individuals, iGenius Global creates a supportive and empowering environment for people to thrive and reach their financial goals. In essence, iGenius Global is a catalyst for positive change and financial empowerment.

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