Review by Ralph M-reborn on Zeniq Coins

Hi, my name is Ralph from Tahiti.

3 months ago, when a friend of mine talked about Zeniq blockchain and the companies using Zeniq to tokenize their projects, I discovered a new world. I found out that Safir is the exclusive sale representative for all Zeniq products. When my friend invited me to join him on Safir I carried out deep investigation to find out more information about the CEOs, the legacy of the company, their legal address, social reputation, Zeniq blockchain and ecosystem, legal agreements, etc. I was very confident to find out that everything is OK.

Trading is not Zeniq goal, Zeniq is about tokenization of real projects. The Zeniq coin and all the tokens of partner companies are produced by a community minting network using decentralized technology. When each member of the community is buying a minting hub or minting shares, he/she is minting (producing or mining) his/her own tokens everyday. By holding the tokens of a project he is holding digital shares of the project itself.

More partners join our community, the more great things we can achieve. Join me now on Facebook Ralph M-reborn or send me a PM on Messenger.

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